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Yasutaka Kawamura,
President Yoshinoya Holding Co., Ltd.
message from the president

Each one of us should be aware of changes and take on the challenge to build new business models.

• Working towards Re-Defining the food and beverages industry
In our group, in order to make our growth theme of Re-Definition of the food & beverages industry, we will activate our new threeyear mediumterm business plan. With the keywords of "People, Health and Technology", we will take on the challenge of creating new value not seen before in the food & beverages industry.

• Making "People, Health and Technology" the core basis
In order to make us into the company we want to be by 2025, we will explore new directions in the food & beverages industry with the keywords "People, Health and Technology", and carry out countless trials and tests over the next three years. Regarding "People", while focusing on creating stores that are attractive places to work that appeal to new staff, we will provide value to customers born out of making the most of "people". Regarding "Health", we will promote "Wellness at Work" making the mental and physical health of our employees a pillar of our business. And we plan to go beyond just being healthy to deepen our pursuit of healthier products in future menu and ingredients development. Regarding technology, in addition to begin making use of Big Data, we will also utilize technology to improve the working environment.

• Taking on the challenge of building new business models
In order to make the principle "For the People" real in the future, we will re-define the food & beverages industry and build new business models. Therefore, each of us must be aware of changes, and take on the challenge of creating new business models. We want to progress, grow and prosper together with all of our stakeholders.

About Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is the oldest and largest restaurant of beef bowl with over 3000 outlets around the globe. Founded by Mr Eikichi Matsuda, the story of Yoshinoya began way back in 1899.

Its roots can be traced back to a small shop in Nihonbashi Fish Market selling Gyudon (Beef Bowl in Japanese). Prepared with its secret recipe broth seasoned with savoury herbs and spices together with large sweet onions, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, Yoshinoya offered a tasty yet healthy meal to the fishermen and fish mongers.

Over the years, Yoshinoya has rapidly expanded all around the world, to various countries including Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan as well as Singapore.