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Yoshinoya Hanamaru Malaysia (YHM)
message from Managing Director
In Japan, we eat Udon in our daily life and it has been our lifestyle from a long time ago.
16 years ago in Tokyo, udon self-service shops were small, same goes for Hanamaru udon shops. Udon was originated from Kagawa Prefecture, which is a small prefecture in Japan. Today, everyone eats Udon in Japan. My goal is to bring to Malaysia, Japanese udon that are healthy, convenient and affordable. One day I hope Japanese udon will be consumed by Malaysians as a daily meal.

our commitment

"Hanamaru Udon" is prepared with the best ingredients through unique methods for the signature Hanamaru taste.


Our noodles are made fresh and with care at the restaurant daily. In order to serve the tastiest noodles to our customers, we do not keep the cooked noodles longer than 30 minutes.


For the zesty and strong texture in the noodles, we use only first-grade flour, carefully picked from 60% of pre-selected fine flour.


The broth imparts a flavourful aroma of dried kelp and sardines harvested from the tranquil oceans of Japan. It is topped off with Hanamaru's original blend of soy sauce.


The secret of delicious tenpura is found in the high quality tenpura flour, cooking oil and superior cooking method.

Quality Eggs

Our onsen eggs and soft-boiled eggs are made from quality eggs, which are nutritionally balanced, healthy and safe to consume daily.